Wiebke Merbeth

Wiebke Merbeth has been head of sustainability operations at BayernInvest Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH since 1 February 2020. Together with institutional customers she’s been steadily advancing the company’s sustainability investment strategies. The proven sustainability expert has a key role in bringing, by 2025, all of BayernInvest’s own-managed portfolios in line with the 1.5-degree cap set under the Paris Climate Agreement – in ways that are compatible with the customers’ individual investment strategies.

Merbeth’s previous position was that of Institutional & Corporate Sales Director at HSBC Global Asset Management Deutschland GmbH. Since 2007 she’s been guiding institutional customers in their liquid and illiquid capital investments. As a sustainability product specialist she expertly applies sustainability policies to the investment process. In so doing – regardless for which business area or product group – she also confers with investor groups, associations and issuers.

Wiebke Merbeth is a constitutive member of the Sustainable Finance Committee of the German government. The Committee, which convened for the first time on 6 June 2019, advises the federal government in its endeavour to make Germany one of the leading countries in sustainable finance. According to Merbeth, “Sustainability risks are business risks and have a direct impact on a company’s financial performance. There’s no more getting around recognising sustainability risks, integrating them into risk management and engaging in transparent reporting.”


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