Day 1, Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Sponsor of the Day

09:00 - 09:15 AM (Room Meridian)

Opening remarks


Achim Pütz, Chairman, BAI e.V.


Moderation: Frank Dornseifer, Managing Director, BAI e.V.



09:15 - 10:00 AM (Room Meridian)

Key-Note Speech

Germany as an investment location in times of geopolitical change

  • International and regional diversification of investments

  • Reduction of strategic dependencies: nearshoring, friendshoring?

  • Critical infrastructure and raw materials for the transformation/energy transition

  • (Regulatory) Framework conditions for investments nationally and internationally

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Monika Schnitzer, University of Munich, Chair of the German Council of Economic Experts ("Wirtschaftsweise")

10:00 - 10:30 AM (Room Meridian)

Member Slot 1

Methods for Risk Management, Controlling & Performance Measurement of Illiquid Alternatives in GPs and LPs

Oliver Freigang, CEO, Co-Founder, qashqade AG

10:35 - 11:05 AM

Break Out Session I

Global Crisis – Implications for Private Assets (in German)

  • Russia-Ukraine-War
  • Energy crisis
  • Inflation
  • Recession

Georg Wunderlin, Global Head of Private Assets, Schroders Capital

What does the data tell us? Private Equity myths, assumptions and expectations challenged, and how investors can use data to construct resilient portfolios

  • How has Private Equity performed against investor expectations?
  • What can we learn from the past?
  • Resilience – how to achieve strong returns across cycles

Mark Hoeing, President, CF Private Equity
Dr Miriam Schmitter, Head of ex-U.S. Private Equity, CF Private Equity

Timberland and farmland – natural climate solutions and natural options

Timberland and farmland are at the forefront of growing institutional investor interest in natural climate solutions that can provide attractive returns, portfolio diversification and ESG benefits including high quality carbon sequestration and carbon credits. Sustainable timberland investing offers a range of value creation options and climate solutions at scale that can support investors’ net zero and financial goals.

Eric Cooperström, Managing Director, Impact Investing and Natural Climate Solutions, Manulife Investment Management

Energy transition 2.0 – next wave of infrastructure investment opportunities and key challenges

  • The three pillars of a successful energy transition: producing clean energy, increasing energy efficiency, enabling clean energy use
  • Latest market developments: promising technologies, applications and business models
  • How to ensure sustainable delivery of clean energy investments: key ESG factors, tools and processes

Marco van Daele, Co-CEO & Chief Investment Officer, SUSI Partners


11:05 - 11:35 AM

Coffee Break

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11:35 - 12:20 PM (Room Meridian)

Members panel 1

Inflation, rising interest rates and recession scenarios: impact on the illiquid alternative portfolio

Dr. Markus Geiger, Head of Private Debt, Oddo BHF Asset Management GmbH
Christoph Manser, Head of Infrastructure International, Swiss Life Asset Managers
Roman Smirnov, Head of Continental Europe Portfolio Management, Partners Group
Sebastian Venc, Head of Private Debt, DACH, Muzinich & Co.

Moderation: Michael Busack, Managing Director and Editor, Absolut Research GmbH

12:20 - 12:50 PM (Room Meridian)

Member slot 2

ESG: Impact Investing - Opportunity for the Private Markets

Dr Lukas Adams, Head of Asset Management, GLS Bank eG
Ralph Kretschmer, Founder & Managing Partner, EBG Investment Solutions AG

12:50 -02:00 PM

Lunch Break

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02:00 - 02:30 PM

Break Out Session II

Infrastructure Investing as enabler for the net zero transition

Christian Synetos, Director, BlackRock


Secondaries Investments – great opportunities in turbulent times (in German)

  • Peak activity or intermediate step in an unstoppable growth trend?
  • A broad diversity of transaction opportunities – what is important to consider?
  • Buyer's or seller's market - who is currently in the driver's seat?

Richard Wilmes, Head of Secondaries, Golding Capital Partners

Alternative Investment Funds: Tax developments in Germany and Luxembourg with practical case studies

  • ATAD II – Implementation and current developments
  • Pillar 2 – Need for action for the fund industry
  • Implementation examples and recommendations for action

Dr. Bela Jansen, Partner, Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
Andreas Medler, Partner, ATOZ


Artificial Intelligence: the use of machine learning in PE investment selection

  •  Technology and data underpin many functions in asset management; private equity is not
    immune to digital disruption.
  • At Unigestion, proprietary machine learning models analyze various datasets to identify
    patterns and insights as inputs to the investment evaluation and selection.
  • Collaborative intelligence of human and machine can achieve better and consistent investment

Marco Perfetto, Associate, Unigestion SA

02:35 - 03:05 PM (Room Meridian)

Member slot 3

Diversification via geostrategic investments: Globalisation in Transition - Rebalancing the Alternative Portfolio?

Henry McVey, CIO & Head of Global Macro, Balance Sheet and Risk, KKR 

03:05 - 03:50 PM (Room Meridian)

Members Panel 2

Cross-asset class panel on market development: private equity, infra equity, RE equity, (corporate) private debt

Thomas Gehring, Head of Alternative Investments, Ampega Asset Management
Alex Koriath, Head of European Pension Practice & Regional Head of Germany, Cambridge Associates
Sandro Näf, Portfolio Manager, CEO, Partner, Co-Founder, Capital Four
Oliver Schumann, MD and Chair of the global IC, Capital Dynamics GmbH

Moderation: Hanna M. Hornberg, Direktorin Institutionelle Kunden – Corporates & Pension Plans, FERI Trust GmbH

03:50 - 04:20 PM

Coffee Break

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04:20 - 04:50 PM

Break Out Session III

Value added strategies in private equity: Insights into the portfolio management of buyout funds (in German)

  • Overview of value added factors and drivers
  • Case Study: Lower Mid-Cap
  • Case Study: Larger Mid-Cap

Marc Abadir, Managing Director, ARDIAN
Dr. Alexander Friedrich, Managing Director, ARDIAN

Glocalisation - uncertainties and perspectives in the sign of change (in German)

  • Will the supposedly stable asset class "infrastructure" prove its resilience?
  • What new investment opportunities are emerging or developing?
  • Where is the "infrastructure" journey heading?

Dr. Peter Brodehser, Partner Infrastructure Investments, DWS

Asset Based Finance – diversification and inflation protection in the private debt world

  • Asset Based in the context of Private Debt
  • Characteristics and advantages of the asset class
  • Implementation of Asset based within a broader PD portfolio

Varun Khanna, Managing Director, KKR

Private Market Impact Investments in Emerging Markets: High impact returns (social & environmental) and attractive financial returns (in German)

  • Why private market impact investments in emerging markets can lead to the greatest impact
  • Attractive returns and impact - (not) a contradiction?
  • Which private market instruments are used (blended finance, debt vs. equity)?

Rochus Mommartz, CEO, responsAbility für M&G Investments

04:55 - 05:40 PM (Room Meridian)

Keynote Speech 2

Germany and Europe on the way to the next financial and debt crisis?

  • Effects of inflation, recession and changes in monetary and fiscal policy
  • Role and competitiveness of European financial and capital markets
  • Implications for institutional investment

Prof. Dr. Jörg Rocholl, President, ESMT Berlin


05:40 - 05:45 PM (Room Meridian)

Closing remarks

Frank Dornseifer, Managing Director, BAI e.V.


from 06:00 PM: Evening program (WesthafenPier)

6:00 - 8:30pm

Investors dinner (1. OG), sponsored by

During the dinner, the keynote speakers will be available for interesting discussions.

Closed Door Event: Free participation opportunity for all registered and admitted investors, i.e. pension funds, insurance companies, foundations, pension funds, single family and funds, single family offices, as well as a limited number of representatives of each of the Gold sponsors/the dinner sponsor. It is absolutely necessary to register and confirm in advance of the BAI office is required!

Dinner takes place in Westhafen Pier, 1st floor.


6:30pm - 00:30am

Evening event at WesthafenPier (ground floor) with buffet and drinks, sponsored by



Get-together speech by Prof. Dr Ricarda Rehwaldt
For many years, Ricarda Rehwaldt has been researching what makes people happy at work. Now the author of several books and founder of the HappinessandWork Academy makes us happy by sharing her knowledge with us. She enchants in her keynotes with honesty as well as light cheeky language and thus infects the audience. 



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