Jonas Deichmann

In 2017, Jonas set out to set his first world record on a bicycle on the continental crossing through Europe and Asia.
He then quit his job in software sales in Munich, where he had been working since his international business studies, and set further world records in the following years on the great ultra-distances Alaska-Fireland and North Cape-Cape Town. Then, in September 2020, Jonas set off on his greatest adventure to date, the triathlon around the world.

Once around the world, in the triathlon disciplines of swimming, running and cycling. Left to his own devices, Jonas Deichmann has made the impossible possible: while the world remains in lockdown, he circumnavigates it, in 14 months full of borderline experiences and moments of greatest happiness. Jonas swims through the Adriatic Sea, against treacherous currents and sometimes in the dark, cycles 20,000 kilometres from Dubrovnik to Vladivostok in freezing cold, and runs through Mexico in 120 marathons. Accompanied by people, young and old, who spontaneously join him to become part of his adventure for a few kilometres, and inspired by millions of fans on the internet. The end result is an incredible story of courage and motivation.

Lecture by Jonas Deichmann

In a spectacular, multivisual show, Jonas talks about his great adventure, gives insight into his mindset and motivation, his goal setting and how he deals with setbacks. Jonas Deichmann is the only person to have set cycling records on all major continental crossings and circumnavigated the globe in triathlon. He is a multiple world record holder and best-selling author. Following his talk, Jonas will answer questions.

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