Martina Nitschke

Martina Nitschke is responsible for the investment department at VGV Verwaltungsgesellschaft für Versorgungswerke mbH in Berlin. She represents the interests of several professional pension funds and is currently responsible for a volume of more than EUR 16 billion.
She has been working for VGV mbH since 2003. Since 2018, she manages the complete overall investment process for liquid and illiquid asset classes including overlay control and investment controlling. Currently, the focus is on the asset classes Timber and Infrastructure.
As an investor, she has been active in the market with heart and mind for 30 years and is particularly committed to the issues of sustainability and the creation of optimal structures and resources. After a banking apprenticeship and subsequent studies with a focus on finance and insurance, she became a Certified Expert in Sustainable Finance (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management) in 2020.


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