Bundesverband Alternative Investments e.V. (BAI)

Day 2, Wednesday, April 24, 2024

08:45 - 10:15 AM (Mistral)

Investors Workshop

from 09:30 AM

Registration and Welcome Coffee


Dr. Philipp Bunnenberg, Leiter Alternative Markets, BAI e.V. (Meridian)

Michael Bommer, Senior Referent Recht & Policy, BAI e.V. (Mistral)

10:30 -11:00 AM (Meridian)

Impulse speech

Capital market Germany – quo vadis

Prof. Dr. R. Alexander Lorz MdL, Minister of State, Hessian Ministry of Fiance

11:00 -11:40 AM (Meridian)

Investor Speech 

Opportunities and risks related to investing in alternatives

  • Long term trends underpinning the growth of private markets
  • Factors to consider when deciding allocation to alternatives
  • Portfolio construction, manager selection and diversification
  • Performance and risk measures
  • Return expectation in an environment with a higher cost of capital

Elena Manola-Bonthond, PhD, MBA, CAIA, Chief Investment Officer, CERN Pension Fund

11:45 - 12:15 PM

Break Out Session IV

The value of vertical integration of retail and renewable businesses (Orient - in German)

  • Vertical integration of renewables and retail businesses allows investors to achieve diversification, growth, and stability
  • Very important elements especially in a rapidly expanding and volatile clean energy world
  • Investing in retailers that are vertically integrated helps achieve attractive risk/return profiles for investors

Dr. Tim Marahrens, Co-Head Investments und Partner, Energy Infrastructure Partners

Infrastructure Co-Investments  - here to stay (Okzident - in German)

  • Success factors for portfolio construction with co-investments
  • Co-investments in the current market environment
  • Advantages of adding co-investment to an institutional portfolio

Dr. Thilo Tecklenburg, Partner, Co-Head of Infrastructure, Golding Capital Partner

Private Credit - An evolving landscape (Kristall)

  • Important considerations for investors in a changing economic landscape
  • Satisfying Investor Demand: From Direct Lending to a broader set of solutions
  • NAV Financing in the context of portfolio diversification
  • Possibility to rate NAV tranches: Methodology deep dive
  • Considerations under Solvency II and Capital Treatment

Pavol Popp, Managing Director, Portfolio Management for NAV Financing, Pemberton Asset Management

Private Markets in a new era (Mistral - in German)

  • 3D Reset:  Decarbonization, Deglobalization, Demographics
  • AI revolution - Industrial Revolution through AI
  • Short term challenges: Private Markets slowdown

Dr. Nils Rode, Chief Investment Officer, Schroders Capital

12:20 - 12:50 PM

Break Out Session V

Exploring the Dynamic Landscape of Private Equity Co-Investments (Mistral)

  • Unlocking Opportunity, Managing Risk

  • Navigating Higher Equity Requirements: Co-Investments as a Solution for GPs

  • Balancing Exposure and Cost: Investor Insights on Co-Investments

Lutz Fuhrmann, Partner, Lexington Partners / Franklin Templeton

The evolving role of forestry as natural capital and why natural capital must be part of every institutional portfolio today (Okzident)

  • Green Renaissance: from a niche asset class to a crucial position in institutional portfolios
  • Integrating natural capital for tomorrow's return
  • Addressing climate impact

Eric Cooperström - Managing Director, Impact Investing and Natural Climate Solutions, Manulife Investment Management

Added value through industry expertise - proprietary sourcing as a success factor (Kristall - in German)

  • Developments in the cooperation between SMEs, banks and debt funds in the last 10 years in Germany
  • Advantages of dedicated industry expertise on the part of the GP
  • Examples from practice: A dialog with our industry partner Wilfried Porth, former Board Member of Daimler
  • Outlook on the development of private debt in the German SME sector over the next decade

Dr. Dirk Notheis, Geschäftsführer, Rantum Capital
Wilfried Porth, Industriepartner, ehem. Vorstand Daimler

12:50 - 02:00 PM

Lunch Break

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02:00 - 02:30 PM

Members Slot 

Institutional infrastructure portfolio management (Meridian - in German)

  • Challenges and requirements
  • Case Study VOLKSWOHL BUND Versicherungen
  • Investment topics
  • Reporting and ESG issues

Klaus Keßner, Abteilungsleiter Kapitalanlagen-Portfoliomanagement, VOLKSWOHL BUND Versicherungen
Dr. Bernd Kreuter, Managing Partner, Palladio GmbH

Restructuring in the event of defaults in corporate private & real estate debt (Mistral - in German)

  • Situation analysis (transaction valuation, collateral review)
  • Workout strategies
  • Realization of collateral / foreclosure

Ingo Wichelhaus, Senior Director, Head of Private Markets, Mount Street Portfolio Advisors

02:35 - 03:05 PM (Meridian)

Key-Note Speech

How Artificial Intelligence will transform the private equity world

This does not only concern portfolio companies and operational processes at GPs and LPs, but also goes to the "nitty-gritty": fund selection, secondary fund pricing, co-investment decisions, etc. The background to AI and machine learning will be presented in order to shed light on where models already exist today that have the potential to replace core processes at LPs.

Prof. Oliver Gottschalg, PhD, Strategy Department, HEC School of Management

03:05 - 03:45 PM (Meridian)

Investor Speech

A look under the hood: Alternative investments at Velliv, a commercial pension fund (in German)

  • The role of alternatives in asset allocation
  • Real assets (forest & infrastructure) as an inflation hedge
  • Liquid alts as a crisis alpha
  • Private equity for higher returns

Christoph Junge, Head of Alternatives, Velliv

03:45 - 04:30 PM (Meridian)

Investors Panel

4 Investors and their alternative investment portfolio - Exciting insights into different asset allocation strategies (in German)

  • Which alternative asset class is currently the main focus?

  • Higher interest rates and less pressure on yields - does this mean fewer alternatives in the portfolio?

  • Lesson learned - experiences from investments in the asset class

Dr. Hans Wilhelm Korfmacher, Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung, Versorgungswerk der Wirtschaftsprüfer und der vereidigten Buchprüfer im Lande Nordrhein-Westfalen (WPV)
Andreas Poestges, Vorstand, Barmer Pensionskasse
Christoph Wichmann, Bereichsleiter Kapitalanlagen, INTER Versicherungsgruppe

Moderation: Jens Hennes, Hauptgeschäftsführer/Mitglied des Vorstandes, Versorgungswerk der Apothekerkammer Nordrhein K.d.ö.R.

04:30 PM (Meridian)

Closing Remarks



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